Day 51

Not so shocking was me in my couch nest bawling this morning. I was crying because of the injustice in the world. Because I was/am what some would call too nice to my kids and now I was paying for it ~ just like my children have paid. My children have always been sensitive, caring, nice people ~ and often this makes them easy targets for a world that often treats kindness as a liability. Often it is the most caring and sensitive of people who succumb to drugs and alcohol.

I remember one day many years ago my son coming home from school and telling me that the kids on his bus were making fun of a homeless man on the steps of the store near their school bus stop. My son had given him all the change he had on him ~ a dollar or so. I was so proud of my son and explained that I had earlier given the same fellow a ride into town and $20 when I saw him walking along the nearby 2 lane highway. I am proud of my son's depth of compassion. My son was an incredibly nice person. I wish that drugs hadn't stole him away from me so soon. He made the world a better place.